Greetings from the banks of the once-mighty and now-restored Fez river – the Adalusian bank,to be specific. This side of the river is named for a connection shared by this fabulous city and the region of Spain containing Sevilla, Grenada, and Cordoba. It’s a connection that has been explained to us in several blends of broken English, Arabic, and Moroccan French, and I hope that once we spend a few weeks in Andalusia in September, we’ll be able to attempt our own explanation.  In 100% English, on this very internet site, among other countless tales, photos, and thoughts from our year around the world.

Our Itinerary, Roughly As of Now.

Morocco (3 weeks, August 2016)
Portugal (3 weeks, August & September 2016)
Spain (4 weeks, September & October 2016)
Italy (2 weeks, October 2016)
India (6 weeks, October, November, December 2016)
Sri Lanka (4 weeks, December 2016 & a few days of January 2017)
New Zealand (8 weeks, January & February 2017)
Australia (3 weeks, March 2017)
Thailand, Laos, Cambodia (3 weeks, March & April 2017)
Vietnam (3 weeks, April & May 2017)
Indonesia (3 weeks, May 2017)
Japan (4 weeks, May & June 2017)
Hawaii (10 days, June 2017)

So please bookmark the blog (find it via the menu in the upper-right of this page), check back every once in a while, and we hope to fill you in on all the fun, adventure, anxiety, and gastrointestinal action. Inshallah.