Morocco, part 1.5

This first week carried lots of adventure! From big roller coasters,

wm holly cyclone.jpg

to even bigger waves, it was so much fun!

phoebe taghazout beach.jpg

And we’re off! We started our big adventure early in the morning on Friday July 29th. We all got dressed and packed up our last minute things before getting driven to the airport by our nice grandparents!


Our first stop was New York City. We had a pretty long layover so we decided to visit the Coney Island amusement park. We rode roller coasters, played games, and ate some world famous hot dogs. Some of us started on the Cyclone, a big roller coaster with lots of drops, twists and turns. After that Phoebe got splashed on a classic water log ride and Holly and Coco went head to head in a game where you have to shoot water into a hole until you fill the canister above it. Holly won and received a stuffed lollipop, which was later tossed into the ocean by Phoebe. By this time we were all hungry, so we stopped at the original Nathan’s hotdog store. Yum! We went on a few more rides, before heading back to the airport and boarding our next flight.

coney island.jpg



Our next stop was Casablanca, Morocco, where we spent a day touring the city. We took a drive all through the city stopping at the mosque and a French café for lunch. After driving around a bit more we went to our hotel and relaxed in the pool. For dinner we visited a authentic Moroccan restaurant where everyone (except sleeping Phoebe) enjoyed their first tagine, which is a classic Moroccan dish. By that time we were all beat, so falling asleep was no problem.


The next morning we drove to Taghazout, where we checked into Surf Maroc, the surf camp where we would be staying for the next week. During the week we surfed, explored, and ate lots of DELICIOUS food! Everyday we would wake up early, eat a filling breakfast, and take a short drive to the surf. We had a great surf guide named Yussuf who helped the whole family catch waves and build cool sandcastles! We stayed at the beach until mid afternoon, but we weren’t always surfing. We also would have a picnic, go boogie-boarding, build sandcastles, and, last but not least, ride camels! There was also a beach in front of the Surf Maroc villa, and we spent most of our afternoon there. The (I can’t help but say amazing) dinner was started off by ‘dips’ where we had bread and special Moroccan dips. We then would move on to the main course which was usually a Moroccan dish. There was also a cute café next door called Café Mouja that had really good smoothies and French fries. Everyone went to bed early after the long day and had a good sleep in preparation for the upcoming day.

We’ve decided to post once a week, so see you next weekend, but until then, wish us luck!

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