A Deep Dive with Phoebe


During Our 8-Hour Layover at Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport

So Phoebe what is going on in with you right now?  I am at a French coffee restaurant called Paul.

How did you find yourself here?  My parents took me because it’s part of our trip.

Tell us about your trip.  It’s a round the world trip. 

Do you like the trip?  Yes, because we get souvenirs.  I got a Hand of Fatima necklace that is a good luck sign.  And I got a belt at a woodmaking store.  I met the guy who made it.  He is nice and he was also making other belts. I’d like if mommy got one of the sparkly ones. She would look sooo funny in it!

pheobe belt guy.jpg

Do you like everything about the trip?  No.

What do you not like?  That my parents haven’t put enough kid things into it. Like, SERIOUSLY!!! I wish we could just go to the playground for a whole year.  I have seen one playground ever on this whole trip.  It had an airplane ride at it.  It was very hot and mommy said her tummy hurt but I know she just wanted to leave.

What is your favorite thing you have done on the trip?  Riding a donkey all by myself.  And going on a swimming pool picnic.  We had to take a taxi to it from the Riad to get there. Me and William and Coco and Holly played this game where we pushed each other into the pool. I also drank A LOT of coke and then I got really hyper.

swimming pool better.jpg

What is your least favorite thing you have done?  When my parents were mean to me and didn’t let me have a popsicle or my iPad because it was a consequence.  But then I sneaked my iPad and watched the Taylor Swift documentary.

phoebe donkey.jpg

What is your favorite place we have stayed?  The place where I got the Princess bed. It was purple and bigger than all the other beds. All the other kids had to sleep in small twin beds.

Who is your favorite person you have met on this trip?  Omar, the donkey guy.  His donkey didn’t have a name so we named him Donkey McDonker Face.

What are some of the other animals you’ve met?  Snakes and a baby goat and lots of donkeys and a mule and camels and bed bugs and cockroaches. (Holly especially liked the cockroaches)

What are your thoughts on tangine?  I liked the tangine last night.  It was meatballs and eggs.  I didn’t like the other tangines.  I don’t like eggplant.  I will never eat it again.

Interesting.  Thanks for your time, Phoebe.

Interview conducted by William.

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