Everyday Sunrise

Where we are in Andalusia, the sun doesn’t rise until 745 or so.  At times, Brendan and I have found this vexing. We’ve been trying to have the kids up and at ’em nice and early as we work (trudge?) through as much of the home school curriculum as we can before we head to India and Sri Lanka (where it will be more difficult to devote lots of hours to school).  That can be tough when it requires getting the kids up and eating breakfast when it’s still dark (especially those mornings when dinner the night before started at 9:30!).

There is a benefit, though.  We have the chance to see the sunrise almost every morning.  Some days, in the rush, I forget to enjoy that.  On Saturday, though, there is no school.  The kids sleep in and we get a few kid free hours for coffee and a run.  At these times, the sunrise is impossible not to enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for taking me along. When my retired friends rattle off what trip they are taking to all these interesting named places, I smile and wish them well. Sort of know where they are but not in the detail I know about your stops. I feel like I am taking a Smithsonian course. Carol B

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