Touching Base With The States

On our third day in India, we had the privilege of enjoying an amazing tour of the US Embassy.  We had tea at the Ambassador’s residence; were honored to meet some of the Marines who protect the security of the compound; and loved exploring the “town” that the Americans serving the Embassy call home during their time here, complete with a school, which the Koch children also attend, a Commissary with all kinds of American food we haven’t seen for months, and a bowling alley, pool, and real American ice cream.

We were very proud to get a sense of the American Diplomatic Mission in India and the important work the Foreign Service does in this country. It was also lovely to feel like we were home, in a sense, even just for a bit.

We weren’t able to bring our cameras into the compound, but our friends there snapped these great pics for us.

Mimi, Coco, and Phoebe horsing around in the beautiful atrium of the main office complex.

In front of the main office complex.  It is difficult to see the full grandeur of the buidling in this photo.  When it was completed, Frank Lloyd Wright called it one of the finest buildings constructed in the last 100 years.  Jackie Kennedy visited as First Lady and loved it so much she commissioned the same architect to design the Kennedy Center.  

This picture also features the scooters Pinky loaned the kids for our tour of the grounds!

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