Blessings Continue!

The ​doctor cleared us to head to the beach at Goa, with a referral to a good hospital for follow up care in the Goan capital, Panjim.  No surf camp for us, as originally planned.  But thanks to B’s savvy travel skills, we were able to find a lovely alternate spot to land and are looking forward to some peace and quiet by the ocean.

Meanwhile, at the airport, things have returned to normal. William is still wearing his pink headgear and developing an impressive black eye below his gash.  But he’s feeling much better, happily cracking jokes when not engrossed in his new book.

Holly, reflecting on recent experiences through play, is giving Phoebe stitches for a knee cap injury.  She administered anesthesia before commencing the procedure.  We all agree this is the preferred practice, particularly William.

Our amazing recovery is due in no small part to the healing powers of our time with the Kochs.  The highlight (besides a couple of stuff G&Ts to calm frayed nerves) was an early birthday celebration for Mimi, who hits double digits tomorrow!  It was a decorate your own cake party-even William partook-and afterwards we went out for pizza. Pretty perfect.

It was tough for the kids, and for us, to leave the familiarity and comfort of our friends’ home.  People got teary.  But as we get ready to board the plane, spirits are very much on the rise, looking ahead to our next adventure to come.

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  1. So happy to hear William is on the mend. Have a peaceful, fun time and stay safe⚾️😀

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