The High Road With A High Note

We just watched a replay of the President’s final speech, crowded around my phone on the couch in the little house we’re renting in Raglan, NZ.

Afterwards, we all shared one takeaway.
Phoebe (the 5 year old): How come he can only be our President for 8 years?

Holly (11):
Just because he won’t be the president anymore, doesn’t mean he’s won’t still be there for us and for America.

Brendan (43):
What a gentleman he has been through all of the nastiness. A role model for all of us.

William (15):
The powerful and irrefutable observation that all the fear-mongering statements now being made about immigrants were made against our family (Irish Catholics) not so long ago. And the reminder that the mistreatment we advocate or condone when it happens to others could very easily happen to us.

Coco (9):
How much Obama loves his family.  She then recounted her favorite story about how Barack proposed to Michelle.

Phoebe (the 22 year old):
If you’re upset about the election, DO SOMETHING, besides just posting angry messages on FB (an admonition I personally needed to hear). Every single one of us has the power to make the world a better place, in ways big and small.

Me (44):
The assurance that, even in these disturbing times, there is great reason for hope: the wisdom, kindness, optimism, and determination of our children and the other young people we are so lucky to have in our lives.
Thank you Mr. President. I felt so sad at the outset of your speech.  But like a true leader you spoke to and inspired our highest ideals and, once again, gave us reason to hope.

3 thoughts on “The High Road With A High Note

  1. Wonderful wonderful message. Passed it on to all of my children. Hugs to all of you.
    I am trying to be positive and not negative every time I see the news
    . We are in Fl now and I am joining other women in the Women’s March in Palm Beach. I have to do something.

  2. I agree with 22 year old Phoebe. We will have to get out and do something – for the environment, for women, for democracy. Above all – be civilized and be kind.

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