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Big Phoebe here, with some reflections on my interesting spot within the Walsh-O’Brien gang.

It’s fun toeing the line between kid and adult. I’ve always been Phoebe, but now I get to be Big Phoebe. I also get to be a Walsh, first cousins with Alex. I’m 22 years old and I just graduated college, which means, although I’m only seven years older than William, I can swap stories of college with Alex and Brendan.


So, how am a mix of parent and kid? Well, I love sunscreen. I’m a sunscreen enthusiast, and I get the task of slathering it all over little Phoebe while she squirms away. Also, I’m a journaling fanatic. The kids just loveee when I excitedly announce that after dinner would be a great time to reflect on our day. Normally I write with the kids, but sometimes I help Little Phoebe practice her spelling. Once, she wrote “Hot Chocolate” down for that day’s events.


Which brings me to the next contrast between parent and kid. The kids love Cadbury drinking chocolate; the parents love coffee. I love coffee with a bit (a lot) of chocolate in it. It’s hard growing up. Oh, and I love ice cream. I am 100% in support of always getting ice cream and, I won’t tell you whether it’s the kids or the parents, but I’m not alone. We were introduced to some amazing ice cream here: you pick a berry, or three, and they mix it with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt into a softserve spiral. So good.


With all that sugar, we expend a lot of energy. The parents run, and I ran (once), and I join them in a two minute plank. Alex and I do yoga sometimes. The kids and I climb all over the Takaka’s house bouldering wall, run down sand dunes (actually, the entire family does that), and jam out to Taylor Swift (a lot).

img_3460 img_6192

In addition to Taylor Swift, the kids and I spent a quality evening replaying hits from the 2000s. This threw me back to middle school dances and cross country pump up jams, reminded William of second grade carpools to hockey, and had Little Phoebe extremely confused. Unfortunately, I cannot relate with Alex and Brendan on their college music choices because I am not cool enough.


Fortunately, although I toe the line between adult and kid, New Zealand is the perfect place for all ages. For example, Little Phoebe, Alex, Brendan and I had an amazing day exploring a spectacular beach with sea caves and seal pups.


Yesterday, Alex, William, Holly, Coco and I returned from two and a half days of fun but challenging tramping on the Coastal Track in Abel Tasman National Park.

img_3515 img_6046

Earlier, in Wellington, Phoebe, Holly, William and I equally geeked out at the science museum.

We are all able to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, stunning sunsets, adorable sheep (Phoebe and me more than some), and chill Kiwi attitude.

16265896_10211243279216325_4387322211582585278_n          img_6018

It’s a perfect place (sand flies aside), and I couldn’t ask to be part of a more perfect family.


~ Big Phoebe

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  1. Another talented Walsh-O’Brien blogger. Thanks Big Phoebe for another perspective👏🏻👍🏻😘

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