Ps. Franz Josef and the Fox

I mentioned in my last post that we were in search of glaciers but hadn’t yet found them. Yesterday and today we did.

Amazement and wonder.

Yesterday, the whole crew hiked up to a jawdropping view of the FJ and got some excellent college knowledge from Big Phoebe on glacier science along the way.

Today, Brendan, William, Holly, and I had the adventure of a lifetime ice-climbing on the Fox Glacier, which we reached by a thrilling helicopter ride. Consider several more bucket-list items checked.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

William getting vertical… Followed closely by the courageous Holly.

Abesailing! Or, who goes up must come down.

The ice formations were breathtaking.

As was the form shown by all four of us on the ice…

I’ve always thought one of the best things about adventuring with your kids is that you have no choice but to be brave, so they won’t be scared either. This time, I’m pretty sure they were the ones being brave for me!  Whatever the formula, it worked. A truly awesome experience.

2 thoughts on “Ps. Franz Josef and the Fox

  1. Happy Valentine Day.❤️❤️ The only thing exciting in Delray Beach is that a COLD front came through…65 last night!! President Trump’s wish to build a helicopter pad at Mar Largo comes in second on the news. 😩 You aren’t missing much here. Thank you for bringing me on your trip. It is like a really good reality show.
    Have to mention that the Patriots won the Super Bowl ( I am from Boston )and that is as exciting as going round the world for people in MA.

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