Our mean parents told us that we have to write something for the blog before we get home in about a month.  

We liked our interview of Phoebe many months ago, and would like to do something like that again. 

We also know that when we get home our friends (and mostly the friends of our parents and grandparents) will have lots of questions about the trip.  Maybe if we answer some questions now we can kind of just pick up where we left off at home and not be talking about the trip all the time.

So, can you help us with our writers’ block and send some questions? 

We will do our best to answer them! 

Thanks! William, Holly, Coco, and Phoebe

Maybe these pics will give you some things to ask about.  Like… 

What on earth is Coco eating?

What’s the weirdest thing you saw at the market?

What cool new fashion habits did you pick up?

What’s the most dangerous thing your parents let your 5 year old sister do?

Was it always fun? Or did you sometimes get kinda tired…?

Still, are you glad you did it?

Will you miss meeting so many interesting new friends?

But are you excited to see everyone you missed so much at home?

5 thoughts on “Help!!

  1. Questions from your cousins in Newbury:
    What is the most interesting animal you saw?
    What is the most bizarre food you ate?
    What is your favorite homeschool class?
    Do you like homeschool or school school?
    Do you know what fidget spinners are?
    What was the coolest way you got around?
    What food do you miss the most from home?
    Have you learned any new card games or sports games?

  2. What was the craziest thing you ate?
    What’s your new favorite food from your travels?
    What meal and/or food from home do you miss the most and can’t wait to have when you get back to the States?
    What was your favorite country and adventure?
    What is one thing you’ve learned about yourselves on this trip ?

  3. What, if any, was the difference in the types of rocks/stones in the various mountains you explored i.e., Etna, Vesuvius, the Himalayas, New Zealand?
    What is the most common perception of American youth held by the youth of the countries you have visited? What is the most erroneous perception?

  4. Will one of your very first meals back in the states be a hamburger? If not, what.
    Did your get lots of bug bites?
    Can you choose one sight that will remain with you for a long, long time?

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